Sanitize+ Cleaning Technology is revolutionizing laundry in Chicago and only Su Nueva Lavanderia has it. Our high-tech generator injects ozone directly into the wash water, leaving fabulous results. Laundry comes out cleaner, softer and more sanitary. It even smells fresher, lasts longer, and the overall laundering process is better for the environment.

Sanitize+ is classified as an oxidant which converts organic material back to its original compound. Oxidants work as a sanitizing and disinfecting agent. As the most powerful oxidizer available, Sanitize+ is considered a very effective disinfecting agent and will kill germs, viruses, bacteria, and yeast. It’s the most powerful natural air and water sanitizer available.

*At select locations.

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Product Benefits


Reduces Energy

Using Sanitize+ allows us to wash clothes in cold water, which drastically reduces energy use. Laundry comes out of our wash retaining less moisture which helps cut down on time spent in the dryer.


Less Wear & Tear

Due to shorter and more effective wash and dry cycles, there’s less wear and tear on laundry. This results in fabrics lasting up to 20% longer.


Softer & Better

Laundry washed with Sanitize+ Clean Technology will come out feeling softer, smelling better, and is more absorbent than laundry that is processed in hot water and using harsh chemicals.


Eliminates Odors

Sanitize+ has a powerful oxidizing effect which means it doesn’t mask existing odors, it eliminates the compounds that cause odors. Afterward, Sanitize+ reverts to ordinary oxygen with no long-term residual presence.


Kills Covid-19

Covid-19 is no match for the powerful effects of Sanitize+. Rest assured, when you’re washing your clothes with Sanitize+ Cleaning Technology, you are getting the best wash possible.